My Magic Tours in Croatia

Croatia is a small but magic country for a perfect holiday. A varied landscape stretches over 20 different counties, over 20 regions and is surrounded by 2786 beautiful islands glittering in the Adriatic Sea, giving you a wealth of options when exploring this magic country.

Rich nature, cultural heritage and beauty. Croatia is a country of contrast, not only in natural beauty, but also in the way of life influenced by the rich cultural heritage throughout its history.

Croatia is a feast for the eyes. Although, all the other senses can expect a treat, too. The country has excellent wine, seafood to die for, fascinating cities and beautiful sheltered acoustic coves to swim in.

The timeless appeal that attracts travellers to its sparkling coastline and ancient cities, the undisturbed beauty of nature, the magical attraction of its unique national parks, the inexplicable flavours of its cuisine… that’s Magic Croatia.

The M-traveltouristservice site offers you an experience to get to know the part of this intact beauty – to choose your magic journey in Croatia.

Owing to our 35 years of experience in the industry, we know how to emphasize the fascination of traveling and getting to know something new – our unique Croatia.

Feel its magical beauty, feel its smell, taste something new but comfortable for your palate … and embellish the memory of an unforgettable experience.

My Magic Tours In Croatia is the option to experience something new in one trip. Our tours offer true immersion into the local life and culture of Croatia.

It is said that traveling enlightens life. So, experiencing another culture enlarges one’s horizon and, therefore, a roundtrip in a foreign country could be the nicest thing on earth. This is what we want to offer to our clients.

As a travel agency, we take care of everything – hotel reservations, tour bookings, luxury concierge services, private tour guides, day trips, private excursions, and much more. When you arrive in  magic Croatia, all you have to worry about is enjoying your time – explore Croatia with M-traveltouristservice and we can make your dream vacation come true.

We offer complete services not only for groups, but also for individual guests in Croatia and the Balkan countries, as well. Our unique tours are designed to give you the opportunity to see Croatia and the surrounding countries.

In any case, our programs can be adapted and modified to your wishes. All changes to programs are free of charge, because the price is determined by the number of passengers per group and the period and category of hotels on your trip.

You can also book our program as an individual.

If you do not want to drive your own car, there is the NOVA Rent-a-Car service that is present throughout Croatia